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At Clout & Associates we provide business valuations for people needing them for many and varied reasons.

For example, business valuations are needed in situations such as:-

  • When purchasing a business
  • When selling a business
  • In family law disputes
  • In shareholder disputes
  • In insolvency situations where there are potential uncommercial transactions
  • For stamp duty purposes

If you purchase a business without a valuation, do you know if you are paying the right price?

If you sell a business without a valuation, do you know if you are asking enough for it?

Knowing the value arms you with strength when you embark upon the negotiation process.

In litigation and disputes the values are often critical to the whole argument.

We at Clout and Associates do accurate defensible business valuations

Clout & Associates have extensive knowledge and experience in the valuing of all types of businesses.

It is the commercial nature also of this firm, which also practices in the areas of insolvency and forensic accounting, which enables us to approach valuations with a business eye giving you practical and realistic results.

When the situation arises and the value of a business becomes an issue you should give us a call for an initial obligation free, confidential consultation.

You won’t regret knowing the true value of your business.



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